The secret to coloring meditation

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Closer view of "Flowerful Power" coloring book printed version

At this current day and confusing times, it's crucial to stay grounded and in tune with ourselves, now more than ever. When the world around us is collapsing and panic is rising it's important to inhale the good and exhale the bad. Keep things calm. And that's the topic that I wanted to write about today.

I believe that we all have an infinite source of energy inside of ourselves that most people don’t know about. It’s called CREATIVITY and it’s best administered as a daily dose. We’re often told early on in our life that doodling is not useful and coloring is just for kids...

But the act of coloring itself is one of the most uncomplicated and easiest ways to be creative and treat yourself to some digital detox time. Have you ever seen stressed-out kids, that are coloring? No, neither have I :)

And that is because coloring helps relieve stress, expel negative thoughts, achieve mindfulness, and take a few moments for yourself. Furthermore, it releases your creativity and allows you to experience relief by altering your meditative state. 

My first original coloring book is now published

Not everyone feels comfortable painting or drawing something purely out of their imagination, but most people find it easy to color an image that they find pleasing and that excites them. Therefore, I've decided to come to the aid of those said people and have created a print-yourself coloring book inspired by flowers called Flowerful Power (in English) or Loovuslillemaagia (in Estonian).

Flowerful Power is a coloring book that consists of 32 unique flower drawings. It is suitable for people of all ages that want to explore their creativity, that love flowers and coloring, and that wish to take advantage of the wonderful benefits that coloring meditation can offer.

If you're not ready to commit to a whole book just yet, you can download the FREE coloring pages (Gentian and Vanilla Orchid) that I've created to give you a little taster before you make a decision on the book.

And now, switch off your brain, take a color break, and flow into a relaxation mindset. Be a kid again, embrace all the imperfect strokes of crayons and pencils on paper, and enjoy the process of coloring beautiful flowers. 

Remember, no stress, no time constraints, no perfection needed. Just be yourself and know that you’re enough.

PS! Don't forget to share your creations with me as well. When you're sharing your creations online use the hashtag #flowerfulpower and tag the @artbysylph account.

Other places where you can find the coloring book online

To make things simpler, here's a list of all the current places where you can order the coloring book:

Just for your information or as a cherry on top you should know that I'm also working on getting some local printed copies made (for Estonia based customers) and plan on releasing the coloring book in Spanish, German, French as well as Polish in near future.

If there's a language you think it should be translated into (or that you could help me translate it into) then please let me know (via email or the contact form on this website). I'm more than happy to hear your feedback and see your creations as well!

Until then, happy creations! :)

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