Meet the Artist

Portrait of Kaisa Holsting in ToonMe Challenge style

TL;DR - If you want a quick recap of all my credentials and schools and artist background, you should download this artist one-pager. It should tell you all that you need to know about my career.

If you want the long story, then continue to read on as I'm really bad at shortening any of my stories. It's just a thing I do... talking, you know? :D

 How it all began?

I was about 6 years old when I first picked up a pencil. A beautiful coloured pencil with my name on it, because back in the day when you went to school, you got your very own personalized set of pencils to take with you. I can still remember my mom cutting the ends of the pencils and writing my name on them using a pen. I was so proud.

My next memory of myself being an artist entailed me colouring images of roses that my first-grade teacher Sirje used to draw for us. Drawing those roses was her speciality, and to this day, I always get nostalgic when I think about those little drawings. We would often get in line when the drawing hour started so that each of us could get our very own rose drawing to colour from Miss Parol.

How I got into art school?

Fast forward quite a few years from 1st grade... I'm now in 3rd grade and deciding that I want to properly learn how to draw. So what do I do? Without telling my parents I walked nervously to the local children's art school entrance exams and guess what, they accepted me! I can still remember the day when I found out about that, I was so proud that I had made it on my own!

And so, my journey as an artist finally started...

3 years later it was evident that the little time, I had leftover from my piano lessons and from attending every-day school, was not enough to continue in the art school. Therefore, at age 12 my parents made me choose between art and music. Much due to their good counter-arguments about money and all the time and efforts spent on piano lessons, I ended up continuing with what could be called "harassing the piano" for the next few years. Which kind of meant leaving all my art dreams simmering on the background.

In my teenage years, I was finally strong enough to rebel against my parents once more and this time won the argument, went back to art school and attended my school's art club to gain back some of the time that I had lost in the years in-between. Some of it was successful, so much so that when I graduated, thanks to my amazing art skills, I got accepted into the 4-year Applied Architecture program in the local university and practiced painting, drawing and graphic arts in the upcoming few years.

Somewhere in between there I got lost in the wonderful world of IT and engineering and startups and spent a few years teaching other people what I know about Skype and marketing a little startup called

Therefore, if we count out the occasional pen and paper doodling moments, my university years were the last of my attempts at an art career... before we enter Kaisa's life in her Golden Thirties! 

Kaisa Holsting, an Estonian artist, dancing in the National Part of Connemara.

The Golden Thirties

People always have these elaborate and crazy stories about how they found themselves again and how their whole art career flourished after they turned 30... well, I'd like to think that my story is a bit different, but I'll let you be the judge of that. As a sidenote, let me say that on the morning of my 30th birthday I was balling my eyes out (because well, I'm 30!) and in the evening I was celebrating my birthday party on stage performing with my bad (oh, did I say I was a rockstar once too?).

Come age 30, Kaisa goes back to school, graduates and gets a graphic designer diploma and then ends up packing her bags and moving to Ireland, Galway for the next 2 years. Now that's the place where it all REALLY begins!

Galway was many things: wet weather, friendly faces and having a lot of craic. In addition to all that, Galway was where I finally re-discovered my love for art again. I'd been painting a little before my days in Ireland but there I finally found out exactly how much I love painting and doodling and drawing and everything creative. Galway was the first place that gave me a chance as an artist and my first debut exhibition...

...pretty much everything that came after this exhibition is just pure self-expression. As an artist, I like mixing different mediums (acrylics with watercolours, pen and paper with pencil drawings, digital art with traditional) and always in some weird way contradicting something in my work. It's either super colourful or very black and white. It's either originally traditional with a weird digital thing added to it. Or, my personal favourite, there's always some element of opposites attracting in it.

I always try and turn my painful life experiences and heart matters into beautiful heartwarming and inspiring pieces. Something that you can gaze upon and feel the beauty from within rising. Because life is so much more fun when you concentrate on the positive things... when you overcome your obstacles, your pain and re-discover yourself again. That's when truly beautiful things start to bloom and you will start to blossom.

Of course, there's plenty of things that happened in my life in-between years 18 and 30 - painful things and relationships and stuff that I've gone through, but I think it's always cooler to find out about a person bit by bit... not everything at the same time... so stick around to let me unfold my world in front of you one art piece at a time...